Standard: blogger i love… shopping, saving, & sequins

Once in a while, I will feature bloggers I love! Now, they are not your average “fashion/beauty/lifestyle” bloggers. Instead of following the crowd, their posts are unique! First up is Vanessa from Shopping, Saving, & Sequins! I just love this gal! She discovers so many new & upcoming designers, and they are all unique! What I also love about her blog is that she keeps her contest fresh & new… PERFECT for a fashion blogger, right? She is your average, gorgeous California gal making fashion fun!

EDIT: while some bloggers out there in the Interwebs tend to write about the same darn thing, Miss Vanessa keeps it real with quality brands, designers, and products. Who knew you could look absolutely stylish in an affordable yet chic label?

P.S. She met Manolo Blahnik and Carolina Herrera… UM, I AM JEALOUS!

Discover Shopping, Saving, & Sequins todayFacebook, Twitter, and Tumblr!


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