On Another Note: Philosophy Favorites

If there’s another beauty/skincare line I love, it would be Philosophy! I just love the creativity that goes behind the products! Also, the products are perfect for every skin type – whether you need to moisturize your dry skin or get rid of blemishes, Philosophy has it just for you!

Below, I picked out my favorite products from the brand. What do you think?

purity facial cleanser – this facial cleanser is my so-called “splurge.” while i normally use neutrogena as my every day skin cleanser, i use philosophy’s purity facial cleanser to treat my skin to something clean and fun.

hope in a jar moisturizer – i only use one moisturizer and it’s this one! i love the smooth and “whipped cream” texture of this facial moisturizer. this moisturizer is perfect for all skin types. just find the right hope in the jar product for your skin!

kiss me lip scrub – i have never used lip scrub, so i decided to purchase philosophy’s lip scrub to give it a test run. i love using this lip scrub during the winter because i feel my lips need to be extra-moisturized during the chilly season. i suggest using a pea size of lip scrub and rubbing it on your lip until you feel it’s smooth enough to remove. then, follow up with lip balm or another one of my philosophy favorites kiss of hope lip treatment spf 15.

hands of hope hand and cuticle cream – i love this hand cream because it is unscented, simple and clean! there is nothing too fancy for this hand cream. i love that the product is also small enough to fit in your purse and to bring wherever you go.


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