New Revolution in Personalized Skincare… Thanks Jessica Simpson!

The one and only Jessica Simpson teamed up with skincare expert Nerida Joy to create a wonderful personalized skincare solution. These products are specially made to target specific solutions for your skin’s problems. It’s called Beauty Mint.

You start off by taking a free skin consultation, and you discover which exact products you need to treat any skin imperfections. Then, you receive your first batch of products. Every month, your card will be charged. AND, every month, the products will be delivered to your door so you won’t run out of products! But, like many other services, you can opt out to skip a batch of products if there is no room in your budget.

I received my first box of BeautyMint products and so excited to let you know how it goes! I received the following products:

  • Essential Cleanser with Aloe – “Nothing is more important than clean skin when it comes to bringing out the best in all your products. This gentle, lightly foaming cleanser washes away dirt, makeup and impurities, leaving skin feeling fresh and soft.”
  • Ultra Replenishing Serum with Marine Collagen – “Time depletes our body’s collagen supply, sapping skin of its youthful firmness, smoothness, and glow. Comprised of an incredible 50% marine collagen, our exclusive serum targets visible and future signs of aging from every angle.”
  • Renewing Moisturizer with Elastin – “Our body’s elastin keeps skin supple and vibrant, but time can diminish it. This lightweight, elastin-rich cream contains anti-aging ingredients delivered to skin with our patented technology designed to maximize benefits.”
  • Sculpting Treatment with Peptides – “Peptides are some of the most powerful anti-aging ingredients in skin care, working to keep skin well hydrated, nourished and young-looking. Our revolutionary serum boasts a combination of not just one, but FOUR peptides.”

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