etsy bath & beauty love: willow tree minerals

Another day, another beauty obsession found on Etsy! Willow Tree Minerals is another mineral makeup brand I found on Etsy that I definitely want to try out. Yes, I am dedicated to my mark. brand, but I can’t help but venture off to other makeup.

Willow Tree Minerals is a family owned and operated mineral makeup and pure & natural body care company.

Our products never contain preservatives, chemicals, dyes, synthetic fragrances, parabens, bismuth, micro minerals or other toxins.

Official Etsy Store
Official Website

I am all for all-natural and safe ingredients – I do have to think about my skin as well. Their satin foundations all have SPF 10 and it provides healing minerals for acne and rosacea.

Photos from Willow Tree Minerals @ Etsy

They also have this amazing product called Rejuvenation, a pure and natural mineral acne and rosacea treatment. It helps reduce redness and inflammation. Rather than using this as makeup, this powder is to be used as a treatment. I am definitely adding this item to my wish list!


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