mark. + ashley greene live webcast

on thursday, may 17, we got to meet ashley greene! well virtually… she joined us for a webcast, and i am giving you the breakdown on her exclusive chat with mark.!

introducing ashley greene!

  1. on her downtime, ashley loves to read books, magazines, and newspapers. aside from scripts, she loves to catch up on literature and what is going on in the world. she also loves to bake!
  2. her favorite part about being actress? she loves to step into different characters’ shoes and explore their lives. she loves the challenge in tackling and researching these roles.
  3. it was hard to pick one fan experience, but ashley loves the red carpet experiences. she gets to see all the fans!
  4. so far, ashley hasn’t picked one greatest accomplishment, but being a part of mark. and the m.powerment campaign is something she is very proud of.
  5. recently, ashley went to barbados for her 25th birthday. she loves any vacation destination with a beach!
  6. so why mark.? ashley met mark. at an event. the goodie bags had mark. products inside and she fell in love! plus, she fell in love with the m.powerment campaign – which basically sealed the deal as her stint as brand ambassador.
  7. ashley loves being a role model. she is honored to use her public influence as a platform to speak out. as some people may know, she is a big fan of audrey hepburn. not only for her movies and style, but for her inspirational contribution. like audrey, ashley uses her image as a platform to inspire and to help others.
  8. m.powerment is an organization ashley is the most dedicated to. she is proud that the campaign has raised over $1 million to help agencies across the country. one of her goals is to speak out for people who cannot speak for themselves. she loves that mark. is about beauty in the inside as well as the outside. 
  9. one mark. product ashley cannot live without? the on the dot eye color compact. she travels a lot and it’s difficult to bring so many makeup products on board. so, ashley loves that the compact is convenient and that she switch looks with just one compact.
  10. ashley has three favorite picks for summer:
    1. glowdacious illuminating powder – she loves the sun-kissed look. but instead of tanning out in the sun all day long (which is harmful for your skin), ashley uses glowdacious for a more natural look. but here’s a tip from ashley herself: dust glowdacious on cheeks, nose, and forehead. 
    2. layer up bracelets – ashley has a casual look (she’s a jean and t-shirt kind of girl). so she relies on her accessories to dress up her outfit. she loves the layer up bracelets because it has a variety of colors so she can wear the bracelets with any outfit.
    3. fit to print reversible bag – ashley was born and raised on the beach, so this product was a natural pick for her. like the bracelet, ashley loves that the bag is reversible to suit any style! plus, the bag is large enough to use as a chic overnight and/or carry-on travel bag.
host jeannine whitver with ashley green! photo credit from @markgirl

limited time only: purchase all three of her summer picks for only $35. all you have to do is click on the picture below and shop today! this special offer ends tomorrow may 18.


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