kristen stewart wears mark. at the on the road premiere

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start with for goodness face antioxidant skin moisturizing lotion spf 30, and then prep the skin with primed for perfect face primer. then apply min-a-real cream-to-powder foundation using a foundation brush. around the nose and under eyes, apply save the day anti-acne concealer stick. on the apples of the cheeks, blend just pinched instant blush tint in cheeky. set foundation, concealer, and brush by dusting matte-nificent oil-absorbing powder. for the eyes, take the brown shade from keep it going longwear eyeliner & shadow in naturalist and apply on lower eyelid from the lash line to the crease. then blend i-mark wet/dry eyeshadow in chenille onto the lid and into the crease. smudge the same shade on the bottom lash line. finish eyes with two coats of lash act build and define mascara in blackest black on the upper lashes. complete the look with make it rich lip color crayon in peony.


One thought on “kristen stewart wears mark. at the on the road premiere

  1. ashley greene is berrylicious at the apparition premiere « MK!TWN | markitwithnicole

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