beauty jams

i don’t know about you, but when i am up and getting ready for work or for a day/night out, i like to put on some background noise. whether it’s a movie or some tunes, i always need something to listen to! lately, i have been in a music fix and i have been playing these songs on repeat during my beauty routine. so catchy, so tweeny, so… pop. you need something light and fun to keep your beauty routine a positive. focus on what you know what makes you beautiful (see what i did there?) and not focus on every single imperfection you think you have. rock on and have fun!

“wish you were here” by cody simpson featuring becky g. i seriously thought this was chris brown + nicki minaj… i dare you to NOT dance to this song!

“don’t wake me up” by one2five. a fabulous cover by swedish boy band, one2five. god, they’re so adorable 🙂

“baby come on over” by samantha mumba. you know you’re a 90s baby when you know all of the words to this song…

“domino” by jessie j. the brits are currently taking over my playlist right now, and this one is constantly being replayed.

what are some of your favorite songs you listen to when you get ready for the day?