mark. Bronze Pro Bronzing Powder

the bronze pro bronzing powder “achieves a healthy glow now with this oil-absorbing, lightly shimmery bronzer that imparts a wash of color.” this bronzer is one of my favorites. i am a california girl through and through – born and raised. but for some reason it is difficult for me to keep a tan. i would tan after a couple of hours in the sun and it would be gone in less than a week. so, i relied on self-tanning products. i tried everything: spray, mousse, lotion, etc. while i found a wonderful self-tanning lotion for my body (tan towel), i am in love with bronze pro bronzing powder for the temporary and natural tan for my face. some bronzing powders say they achieve “natural glow,” but in the end you look like snooki. not with this product! the powder looks tan, and guess what? you do achieve a tan! using a kabuki brush, apply the bronzer on your forehead, cheeks, and nose for a natural sun-kissed tan and glow.

pro: the perfect bronzing powder for any skin tone. the powder comes on tan, not orange!

con: i honestly did not find a con 🙂