mark. review: lash act build and define mascara

there’s a new mascara in town, and i am so glad i discovered it. the newest mark. mascara is the lash act build and define mascara. what makes this different from the lash all you want high-volume mascara? while lash all you want is about adding volume, lash act is all about defining your lashes. okay, yes; you see “defining” mascara everywhere. what makes this product unique is the uber-innovative wand has a twistable bottom that you can easily switch to suit your lash needs. you can either build your lashes body for a fun and bold look; or you can define for flirty lashes.

as you can see, all you have to do is turn the bottom of the mascara wand clockwise to add high definition to your lashes.

now, what else makes this mascara so special? it does not smudge or clump. the formula in the mascara is so smooth you literally can use up to three coats of mascara on your lashes without them looking like spiders’ legs. also throughout the day, no matter how humid or hot it gets, the mascara does not smudge until you wash it off with eye makeup remover.

i am a picky person when it comes to mascara, and now mark. has finally made the product i was waiting for. sorry lash all you want… lash act build and define has stolen my heart!

you can shop the new mascara at my mark. store here!